Couple's Tantra Immersion Level 1, access for 2 people

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Couple's Tantra Immersion Level 1, access for 2 people

About Course

We re-tailored the Tantra Immersion Module 1 for you to enjoy as a couple online. It offers an in-depth study of the essence of the spiritual system of Tantra Yoga, a spiritual path based on the direct mystical experience of life. We filled this version of the course with couple exercises for you to enjoy together, practicing Tantra as a couple. The price includes access for two people that wish to do the course together. Please note both of your names at sign in. Let's get to it! :-)

Course content

videoA taster of the "Tantra Immersion" Workshop - What awaits you & Meet the Teachers Start
videoHow to watch this course Start
video1.1. Welcoming Words and Opening Meditation Start
video1.2. Introduction to Tantra Start
video1.3. Exercise for Couples: Monk or Tantric? Start
video2.1. The Principle of Transformation Start
video2.2. Introduction to Hatha Yoga Start
video2.3. The Principle of Resonance Start
video2.4. Applied Resonance Principle: Joy Sharing Exercise for Couples Start
video3.1. Hatha Yoga Session: Balancing Mind & Heart Start
video3.2. The Principle of Polarity Start
video3.3. Polarity Awareness Game Start
video4.1. Hatha Yoga Session: Legends of Hatha Yoga Start
video4.2. The Senses in Tantra Start
video4.3. Five Senses Meditation Start
video4.4. The Applied Polarity Principle Start
video4.5. Polarity Stop Dancing Exercise Start
video5.1. Hatha Yoga Session: Playfulness Start
video5.2. Tantric Eroticism Start
video5.3.1. Your Erotic Life: Reflection Exercise part 1 Start
video5.3.2. Your Erotic Life: Reflection Exercise part 2 Start
video5.4. Exercise for Couples: Erotic Visualisation Start
video6.1.1. Lecture: Eros for Women, part 1 Start
video6.1.2. Exercise: Eros for Women, part 2 Start
video6.2.1. Lecture: Eros for Men, part 1 Start
video6.2.2. Lecture: Eros for Men, part 2 Start
video6.3. Healing the Relationship between Masculine and Feminine Start
video7.1. Hatha Yoga Session: Subliming Practice for after Love Making, part 1 Start
video7.2. Love versus Attraction Start
video7.3. Exercise for Couples: You are so loved! Start
video8.1. On Active Love Start
video8.2. Hatha Yoga Session: Heart Centering Start
video8.3. Active Love Meditation Start
video9.1. Hatha Yoga Session: Subliming after Love Making Practice, part 2 Start
video9.2. What have we learned? Start
video9.3. Where do we go from here? Start
video9.4. Final Feedback Reflection together Start
video9.5. Final Closing Meditation Start
Mahasiddha Yoga

Mahasiddha Yoga

Course Instructor