Emotional Healing 1: Basic Tools

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Emotional Healing 1: Basic Tools

About Course

The Emotional Healing Course is designed to help us learn how to deal with our most challenging emotions and with emotions in general, in a wholesome, conscious way.

While there currently are many different types of self-therapy and approaches to emotions, the novelty of this course consists in that:

1. It brings together tools from modern psychology and the spiritual traditions of Yoga, Tantra, Mystical Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism.

2. It helps us break our major emotions into their subcomponents, handling every subcomponent separately instead of dealing with the entire emotion all at once.

3. It addresses the experience of emotions at the physical, energetic, psychological and spiritual level, offering clear, systematic actions both with the body, the energy structure and the mind in order to gain a profound, complete healing.

Course content

videoWhat is This Course All About? (Meet the Teachers)Free
videoHow to Watch This Course?Free
videoHow Does Consecration Work?Free
videoHow To Do Music Meditations?Free
videoFind A TherapistFree
video1.1. Lecture: Introduction to Emotional Healing Start
video1.2. Exercise: Suppress or Inflate Start
video1.3. Questions & Answers For Chapter 1 Start
video2.1. Lecture: What Are Emotions? Start
video2.2. Lecture: Psychology VS Spirituality Start
video2.3. Exercise: Emotions In The Body Start
video2.4. Questions & Answers For Chapter 2 Start
video3.1. Lecture: First step - Observe Start
video3.2. Exercise: Let's Stretch Our Spine! Start
video3.3. Exercise: Observing Emotions Start
video3.4. Questions and Answers For Chapter 3 Start
video4.1. Lecture: Second Step : Accept Start
video4.2. Exercise: Accepting VS Resisting Start
video4.3. Questions and Answers For Chapter 4 Start
video5.1. Lecture: Third Step : Act Start
video5.2. Exercise: Taking Action In Healing Start
video5.3. Questions and Answers For Chapter 5 Start
video6.1. Lecture: Act On Surface & In Depth Start
video6.2. Exercise: Diving Deep Start
video6.3. Questions And Answers For Chapter 6 Start
video7.0 Consecration: Conscious Beginning Moment Start
video7.1 Lecture: Synthesis Start
video7.2. Reflective Exercise Start
video7.3. Group Exercise: Soul Transfiguration Start
video7.4. Lecture/Meditation : Godly Attribute Start
video7.5. Questions and Answers For Chapter 7 Start
videoFinal Conclusions and Goodbye Start
Mahasiddha Yoga

Mahasiddha Yoga

Course Instructor