Emotional Healing 4: The Courage & Faith That Lie Beyond Fear

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Emotional Healing 4: The Courage & Faith That Lie Beyond Fear

About Course

Fear is an emotion, just as guilt, anger or sadness. One particularity of fear is our tendency to instinctively ignore it and let it slip into the subconscious (by numbing or distracting ourselves, for example). In this way, we believe that fear does not affect us anymore. In reality, the complete opposite happens. Fear that goes in our subconscious will inevitably control us. Fear has much more grip on us when it is unconsciously experienced. The way to free ourselves from the paralysing grip of fear is to bring more awareness and to experience it with the lights ON (i.e. consciously). This On-Demand course will help us to learn more about fear en anxiety and how to embrace consciously this emotion. 

Course content

videoWhat is This Course All About? (Meet the Teachers) Start
videoHow to Watch This Course? Start
videoHow Does Consecration Work? Start
videoHow To Do Music Meditations? Start
videoFind A Therapist Start
video1.1. Lecture: Getting To Know Fear Start
video1.2. Exercise: Observing Fear Start
video1.3. Questions & Answers Start
video2.1. Lecture: Mechanisms of Fear Start
video2.2. Lecture: Observe, Accept & Act. Part 1 Start
video2.3. Exercise: Observe, Accept & Act Start
video2.4. Questions & Answers Start
video3.1. Lecture: Reconditioning Fear Start
video3.2. OAA: Accepting Fear Start
video3.3. Exercise: Deconditioning Fear Start
video3.4. Questions & Answers Start
video4.1. Lecture: About Worrying Start
video4.2. Exercise: Integrating Worry Start
video4.3. Lecture: OAA-Act. Start
video4.4. Questions & Answers Start
video5.1. Lecture: Four Fear Types Start
video5.2. Lecture: Vagus Nerve Healing Start
video5.3. Exercise: Vagus Nerve Healing Start
video6.1. Lecture & Exercises: Find Your Fear Type! Start
video6.2. Questions & Answers Start
video7.1. Lecture: Deep Relaxation Start
video7.2. Exercise: Deep Relaxation Start
video7.3. Lecture: Fear, Morality & Integration Start
videoQuestions & Answers Start
videoCongratulations For Completing The Courage & Faith That Lie Beyond Fear Start
Mahasiddha Yoga

Mahasiddha Yoga

Course Instructor