The Path of Purpose

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The Path of Purpose

About Course

In this workshop we offer a structured method of getting closer to discovering and understanding our life’s purpose. We’ll combine practical techniques with profound insights and inspiring examples of humans who lived a life of meaning.

Course content

videoA taster of the "Path of Purpose" Workshop - What awaits you & Meet the Teachers Start
videoHow to watch this course Start
video1.1. Welcoming Words and Opening Meditation Start
video1.2. Introduction Start
video1.3. Why to live a purposeful life? Start
video1.4. Introduction to Hatha Yoga Start
video2.1. The Four Choices for a Purposeful Life Start
video2.2. Four Choices Reflection Exercise Start
video2.3. Ikigai: A Reason for Living, Session 1 Start
video3.1. The Role of the Mind in Purposeful Living Start
video3.2. Lives of Purpose: Viktor Frankl Start
video3.3. Hatha Yoga Session: Balancing Mind and Heart Start
video4.1. The Role of the Heart in Purposeful Living Start
video4.2. Heart Centering Meditation Start
video4.3. Ikigai: A Reason for Living, Session 2 Start
video5.1. The Three Gateways into Purposeful Living Start
video5.2. Stages of Purpose Start
video5.3. Hatha Yoga Session: Legends of Hatha Yoga Start
video5.4. Lives of Purpose: Annie Besant Start
video6.1. Money & Purpose: How to bring them together Start
video6.2. Am I living purposefully? Start
video6.3. Ikigai: A Reason for Living, Session 3 Start
video6.4. Lives of Purpose: Peace Pilgrim Start
video7.1. Dharma: Cosmic Purpose Start
video7.2. The Part and the Whole Reflection Exercise Start
video7.3. Lives of Purpose: Swami Vivekananda Start
video7.4. Hatha Yoga Session: Playfulness Start
video8.1. The Inner and Outer Journey of Purpose Start
video8.2. Temptations of Living a Purposeless Life Start
video8.3. Finding Your Purpose: Exercise by David Deida Start
video8.4. Lives of Purpose: Sri Ramakrishna Start
video9.1. Reflection Exercise: What have I done with my life? Start
video9.2. Regression to the Past Start
video9.3. Hatha Yoga Session: Building Confidence Start
video10.1. What We Have Learned Start
video10.2. Closing Meditation Start
Mahasiddha Yoga

Mahasiddha Yoga

Course Instructor