Emotional Healing 2: Transforming Through Guilt

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Emotional Healing 2: Transforming Through Guilt

About Course

In this second module of our Emotional Healing course, we will explore together the emotion of guilt. Many lectures and exercises will help us to observe the mechanisms of guilt in our inner universe and to learn the ways to integrate consciously this emotion in a harmonious way within our being. Join us for these 7 sessions to come out of what is called the guilt entanglement, regain the transformative power that you have inside and be free to overcome the fear of making mistakes in your life!

Course content

videoWhat is This Course All About? (Meet the Teachers)Free
videoHow to Watch This Course?Free
videoHow Does Consecration Work?Free
videoHow To Do Music Meditations?Free
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video1.1. Consecration Start
video1.2. Lecture: On Guilt Start
video1.3. Exercise: How Does Guilt Feel? Start
video1.4. Exercise: Guilt Reflections Start
video1.5. Questions & Answers For Chapter 1 Start
video2.1. Lecture: The Mechanism of Guilt Start
video2.2. Lecture: Observe. Accept. Act. Start
video2.3. Exercise: From Guilt to Growth Start
video2.4. Questions & Answers for Chapter 2 Start
video3.1. Lecture: Guilt Entanglement Start
video3.2. Guilt Disentanglement Start
video3.3. Lecture: Observe. Accept. Act. Part 2. Start
video3.4. Questions & Answers For Chapter 3 Start
video4.1. On Energy Work Start
video4.2. Hatha Yoga for Healing Guilt Start
video4.3. Lecture: Guilt VS Shame Start
video4.4. Questions & Answers Start
video5.1. Lecture: Social Guilt Start
video5.2. Lecture: Observe. Accept. Act. Part 3 Start
video5.3. Exercise: Top Dog VS Under Dog Start
video5.4. Questions & Answers Start
video6.1. Lecture: Levels of Guilt Start
video6.2. Lecture: Guilt & Communication Start
video6.3. Communication Reflection Start
video6.4. Questions & Answers Start
video7.1. Where To Go From Here? Start
video7.2. Godly Attributes Start
video7.3. Intro to The Final Exercise Start
video7.4. Final Group Exercise: Healing Guilt Together Start
video7.5. Questions & Answers Start
videoCongratulations for Completing The Guilt Module! Start
Mahasiddha Yoga

Mahasiddha Yoga

Course Instructor