Emotional Healing 3: The Light Within Sadness

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Emotional Healing 3: The Light Within Sadness

About Course

In this new module, we will dive deep in the understanding of sadness and depression. We will explore all the nuances from the physical all the way to the spiritual influences that sadness has on our being. With insightful lectures, efficient practical exercises and recordings of the questions of the live sessions, we are happy to offer you this wonderful module on the healing of sadness and depression. 

Course content

videoWhat is This Course All About? (Meet the Teachers)Free
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videoHow Does Consecration Work?Free
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video1.1. Lecture: Intro to Sadness Start
video1.2. Sadness: Physical Level Start
video1.3. Exercise: From Sadness To Joy Start
video1.4. Questions & Answers Start
video2.1. Lecture: On Emotional Alchemy Start
video3.1. Lecture: Mechanisms of Sadness Start
video3.2. Exercise: Owning Our Longing Start
video3.3. Lecture: Observe. Accept. Act. (OAA) Part 1 Start
video3.4. Questions & Answers Start
video4.1. Lecture: Hope Management Start
video4.2. Lecture: Sadness & Energy Work Start
video4.3. Exercise: Hatha Yoga For Sadness Start
video4.4. Questions & Answers Start
video5.1. Lecture: Observe, Accept & Act (OAA) part 2 Start
video5.2. On Loneliness Start
video5.3. Questions & Answers Start
video6.1. Lecture: Healing Depression Start
video6.2. Lecture: On Aspiration Start
video6.3. Exercise: Exploring Aspiration Start
video6.4. Questions & Answers Start
video7.1. Lecture: Sadness Synthesis Start
video7.2. Lecture & Communion Moment: Godly Attribute of Godly Hope Start
video7.3. Exercise Presentation: Observe, Accept, Act - Sadness Start
video7.4. Final Exercise: Observe, Accept, Act - Sadness Start
video7.5. Final Questions & Answers Start
videoCongratulations for Completing The Liberating Light in The Depth of Sadness! Start
Mahasiddha Yoga

Mahasiddha Yoga

Course Instructor